What is ABA Therapy

ABA Therapy is a form of educational therapy designed to help kids build essential skills, and to reduce problem behaviors.

It’s most commonly utilized in the treatment of skill deficits for which children with Autism are eligible to receive services. It involves breaking down complex skills into smaller, more manageable steps and utilizing rewards to increase the frequency of the occurrence of newly acquired skills.

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ABA therapy is evidence-based and has been shown to be effective in improving communication, social skills, self-care, and academic skills in individuals with ASD. We utilize evidence-based methods for teaching kids with Autism, including both naturalistic and discrete trail training.

Individual Skills

Each child comes to Step Up ABA with a different set of skills


The assessment process allows us to determine where each child is at

Personalized Teaching

Skills are taught based on prior identification of underlying skills.

At Step Up ABA, we help address problem behavior in a variety of ways. First we work to teach underlying skills that may be leading to problem behaviors. For instance, if a child is struggling to communicate they may engage in problem behaviors to have their needs met. We believe the best approach is to teach alternative replacement behaviors first such as communication skills. Additionally, we may conduct a functional assessment of problem behavior that helps us identify the reason for the child’s maladaptive behavior. This helps us develop an intervention that can best meet your child’s needs.


A collaborative approach

One of the way we commit to provide the best possible treatment is through care coordination with other providers. This involves working closely with other professionals, such as pediatricians, psychologists, and speech therapists to ensure our clients achieve the best possible outcomes.

This collaborative approach is helpful in getting buy in and feedback from other professional and parents alike.


Parent Involvement

Parent involvement is essential to the success of each child. This is why parent training is an integral part of every child’s therapy.

We work closely with each parent to improve outcomes for each kid with Autism. During your child’s therapy, we will program times to meet about the ongoing treatment of your child and to teach you how to be the best teacher for your child.


How is my child spending their day at ABA therapy

Learn how your child spends an ABA Therapy session at Step Up ABA Therapy.

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One of our Certified Behavior Technicians will pick up your child at the car and walk them in the center.

We emphasize the importance of rewarding the child for learning new skills. Students get breaks for snacks and for spending time with peers between skills building practice.

Your child will work one to one with their therapist on their personalized goals. The therapist will follow a specific treatment plan to help, created by our Behavior Analysts.

In some cases, your child will work in group activities, for the purpose of developing social skills, or learning to share or to play with their peers in a fun environment.

Supervision is conducted by the Behavior Analyst in order to ensure procedures are followed, to make changes to your child's treatment, and to monitor ongoing progress

At the end of each session we will discuss what we worked on for the day.

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